We Need Action on Safety Now, Not More Words

Media Release 31 January 2024

Mayoral aspirant, Cr Amy Eden has voiced her concerns regarding the approach to addressing crime and safety issues in our community.

In response to recent pledges made by fellow candidate Paul Taylor, a former police officer, Cr Eden emphasised the need for tangible action over mere rhetoric. “Mr. Taylor’s proposal for a community forum to understand the complexities of our safety concerns is simply inadequate. We cannot afford to delay action while our city grapples with rising crime rates,” she remarked.

“Mr Taylor spent a career in the Police Force and was operating at its highest level when crime and safety issues in Cairns reached their peak.  For him to now say he needs to have a community forum to understand the issue defies belief.

Acknowledging the dedication of our local law enforcement officers, Cr Eden underscored the urgency for decisive leadership. “This is not a critique of our hardworking police force but rather a call for proactive policing,” she clarified.

Cr Eden outlined her vision for Cairns, highlighting a pragmatic solution to bolster public safety. “Our city is equipped with extensive camera networks, yet they remain underutilised in preventing crimes before they occur. It’s time to empower our police force to actively monitor these resources and deploy preventive measures,” she asserted.

Council, Main Roads, Port Authority and a host of other public sector organisations have camera networks throughout the city.

In a bold declaration, Cr Eden committed to swift action if elected mayor. “Within the first 100 days of office, I will petition the Premier to implement a pilot program, enabling Queensland Police to proactively monitor Cairns’ public sector camera network. This initiative aims to pre-emptively address safety concerns and safeguard our community,” she pledged.

“If we keep doing what we have always done, nothing will change”- Cr Amy Eden and her team reaffirm their unwavering dedication to the safety and prosperity of Cairns.


Amy Eden, Team Eden Mayoral Candidate, Cairns Regional Council

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