Team Eden to tackle growing cost of waste

The cost of waste disposal in Queensland is set to dramatically increase under the Queensland State Government’s Waste Levy legislation. To minimise the increasing cost to ratepayers, an Eden-led Council will introduce a number of measures to keep waste out of landfill that does not need to go there.

The first of these measures will be the introduction of free green waste disposal for all Cairns residents year-round.

“We live in one of the wettest parts of Australia,” Mayoral Candidate Amy Eden said. “Given the risk that overgrown vegetation poses to drainage systems and during cyclone season, it makes sense to have free green waste disposal all year round.

“The current format of scheduled free green waste periods puts residents on the back foot, as they race against time to attack backyard jungles as the wet season hastily approaches. And then there’s the line-up at the transfer station!

“Year-round access to free green waste disposal would make it easier to maintain yards with smaller, less onerous clean-ups throughout the year, and would eliminate the city-wide mad rush that frustrates residents and puts enormous pressure on our transfer stations and the staff who work there.”

Improving recycling outcomes is another initiative a Team Eden-led Cairns Regional Council will introduce to improve waste services and environmental outcomes.

“We know that around 9,000 tonnes of recyclables are still ending up in landfill each year,” Ms Eden said. “This is due in part to the ongoing lack of recycling bins at many multi-unit buildings throughout Cairns.”

“We’ll work with bodies corporate to include yellow wheelie bins for residents wherever possible, maximising access to Council’s recycling services. We’ll also make it easier for residents to access free disposal of e-waste and white goods.”

“Keeping green waste and recyclable materials out of landfill could save ratepayers millions of dollars of waste levies per year.”

“Looking further ahead, Team Eden is committed to rolling out a new 20-year waste management strategy that includes real actions to improve recycling outcomes and will look at options like a third household bin.”

Team Eden is committed to making Cairns the best it can be through creating a Cairns Regional Council culture that is built on transparency, accountability and engagement and reducing the cost of living pressures for residents and ratepayers.

Amy Eden, Team Eden Mayoral Candidate, Cairns Regional Council

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