Team Eden helping ease local Cost of Living

A Team Eden-led Cairns Regional Council will introduce a suite of measures to combat cost-of-living pressures on Cairns’ residents and ratepayers, if elected at the upcoming local government elections.

The first of these initiatives is a tiered water rates policy that could save water-wise residents hundreds of dollars on their annual water bills.

The innovative approach to water billing would incentivise responsible water usage and reduce household costs for those who used their water wisely.

“Under this system, individuals and households who conserve water will enjoy lower pricing, rewarding  their commitment to sustainability,” Mayoral candidate Amy Eden said. “Conversely, those who consume water excessively will face higher rates, encouraging them to be more mindful of their consumption.

“By embracing this tiered pricing structure, residents not only stand to save on their water bills, but also relieve the growing pressure on Council’s water supply and contribute to the conservation of our most precious natural resource.”

Tiered water pricing has been successfully used by many regional Councils including Townsville, Mackay and Toowoomba.

A Team Eden-led Council will also introduce $2 Summer Swims for Cairns residents at Council’s five community swimming pools.

“Swimming plays a significant role in recreation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our tropical climate,” Ms Eden said. “Council maintains some excellent community swimming pools that offer a safe environment for families to cool off and socialise, and for children to develop vital, life-long swimming skills.

“These pools are community resources that should be available to everyone. With the rising cost of living, things like a trip to the pool can become an added expense that is simply out of reach for many families.

“Discounted $2 summer swims will make these facilities more accessible to our community, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to cool off, exercise and play in a safe environment.”

Other cost of living initiatives already announced by Team Eden include:

  • rates relief up to $1000 for first homebuyers in their first year
  • free year-round green waste disposal at Council’s transfer stations
  • waiving of Council fees for rebuilding projects following declared natural disasters


The cost of these initiatives will be covered either through cost savings in other areas in Council or the initiative will be cost neutral.

“For example, the rates relief will be paid for through cutting unnecessary spending and the tiered water rates policy is expected to be cost neutral where cheaper water rates will essentially be subsidised by increased rates for high water users.”

“Team Eden is committed to supporting our community through initiatives that help alleviate cost-of-living pressures, and through our commitment to transparency, accountability and engagement,” Ms Eden said.

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