Response to Cairns Post on Social Media Post and Corflute Signs

From: Davis, Samuel <>
To: <>
Cc: “Newton, Matthew”<>, “Harrington, Tyla”<>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2024 11:38:18 +1000
Subject: MEDIA REQUEST: Social media post and corflute confrontation
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Hi Gary,

Thank you for taking my call earlier today and good to make your acquaintance.

My inquiry relates to two matters. The first is two social media posts that appear quite similar.

The other is a confrontation between a Team Eden volunteer and a community member in Gordonvale earlier this month.

I am  hoping to receive a statement for the story I am publishing in tomorrow’s paper.

My deadline is 3pm but if you need to reach out to me between now and then please do so on XXXX XXX XXX. Please find questions below.


Did Ms Eden use parts of Rebecca Vonhoff’s social media post for her own social media post (please see attached)?

Rebecca Vonhoff is part of Amy Eden’s extended peer group formed through Amy’s role as a councillor over the last 4 years. The words in Rebecca Vonhoff’s post were her own and written from her heart; they resonated strongly with Amy and she used some of those words in her post. Amy did provide a copy of her post to Rebecca at the time of posting for openness and transparency. Unfortunately Rebecca missed the message and Rebecca did not explicitly provide permission and Amy accepts the comments subsequently made. Amy has apologised to Rebecca and her apology has been accepted.

Rebecca’s post was 238 words, Amy’s was 93 words. Terms such as ‘skin in the game’, ‘showing ticker’ and ‘said the uncomfortable things’ are common phrases and words Amy uses regularly. Amy has been using transparent and accountable constantly throughout campaign. For these reasons she did not consider her post as plagiarism and she apologises if it is seen this way. It was never her intention.

Does Ms Eden feel as though she plagiarised Ms Vonhoff’s work?

Recently, Ms Eden posted a video on Tik Tok (attached) regarding a confrontation over corflutes involving a volunteer during her campaign? Is the volunteer mentioned in the video XXXXXXXXXXXXX?

What is XXXXXXXXX connection to the Team Eden campaign?

Was the ‘gentleman’ mentioned in the incident XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX?

What other information can Ms Eden provide in relation to the incident?

Who was involved in both instances of signage interference mentioned in the video is irrelevant to the message, that being there is no legal protection for properly erected roadside signage. Elections, whether they are local, state or federal involve the erection of election signage, a significant financial and time commitment for those involved. Both ECQ and QPS have indicated that there are no laws broken if a person removes a properly erected roadside sign. That is the intention of the video, to educate the community that this is an issue and seeking community feedback on the potential of banning this type of election signage in the future.


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