Hi, I’m Kesa

I’m someone who cares deeply about our community here in Cairns Division 2. In 2022 I received the Woman of the Year award from the Cairns Regional Council, which I see as a reflection of the collective efforts of everyone who has supported me and worked alongside me. My belief is that the strength and richness of our community comes from the collective contributions of each person.

As a Fijian native who has travelled the world with my husband Markus, I bring a unique global perspective to the table. My experiences in tourism, hospitality, and building communities have equipped me with a diverse skill set that’s well-suited to address the varied needs of a vibrant and multicultural Cairns.

As the Founding Member of the Fijian Community Association and an advocate for an inclusive community and multicultural hub in White Rock, I am deeply connected to the people and their needs.

My candidacy for Division 2 is not just about promises, it’s about real action. My long-standing involvement in local groups, ongoing discussions, and deep commitment to service make me a strong candidate, eager to address the diverse needs of our city. Cairns, get ready for a leader who’s all about community, vision, and results.

My Priorities for


It’s time for change

Collaborate with community groups, clubs and services to increase community events

Support Suburban Safety Program and local neighbourhood watch groups

Local traffic safety improvements, more footpaths and investing in our sporting infrastructure 

Review and update Sugarworld Masterplan

Regular community engagement and a commitment to transparency

Words I live by

Your hard work today will determine your tomorrow


Community betterment is at the core of what I do. I believe we each bring something to the table, and that our diverse stories make us stronger. As the saying goes ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ and when we join hands, we cultivate vibrant, thriving communities. I will ensure that every individual feels heard and valued, working together to create a better place to live.


I see a community strengthening through innovation, growth, and togetherness. My commitment to a brighter tomorrow isn’t just words, it is how I live my life and what drives me to open doors for others, so we feel more connected. With a vision of unity in diversity and advancement, I aim to guide division 2 towards a future that’s fair, and abundant with possibilities.


‘Results’ to me mean more than just accomplishments, they reinforce the impact we make in people’s lives. It’s about the real changes we bring, the problems we solve, and the smiles we create. My pursuit of results isn’t about personal gain, it’s a commitment to leaving a lasting, positive mark on our community so we can enjoy a better place for us to not only live in, but thrive in.

Here to listen

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