Hi, I’m Jo

For me, it’s all about passion, inclusivity, and compassion. My journey, growing up in a multicultural environment and experiencing extensive travels which includes owning a business, has positively shaped my perspective and prepared me for the role of a local councillor.

I’m not just warm and fuzzy, I’m also a go-getter. My leadership style comes with a diverse skillset, encompassing strong communication, business acumen, and a knack for community building. I aim to be approachable and easy to talk to, striving to listen and understand so everyone feels valued and heard.

My commitment to Cairns is rock solid. I’m dedicated to transparency, accountability, and the overall happiness of my community. If you’re seeking a no-nonsense, genuine, and determined community leader, I’m here to serve and make a positive impact. Keep an eye on me, Jo Piggott.

My Priorities for


It’s time for change

Support Suburban Safety Program

Smithfield Sporting Precinct Masterplan

Northern Beaches Leisure Trail – let’s finish it

Beaches erosion management and Lake Placid activation advocacy

Deliver missing footpath connections

Regular community engagement and a commitment to transparency

Words I live by

Lead with integrity follow with purpose


To me, ‘relate’ is all about connecting with people on a personal level. As a mother, businesswoman, community volunteer, and ratepayer, I understand the everyday challenges and joys that our community faces. Being relatable means being approachable, and being approachable means making sure every neighbour’s voice is heard and valued. It’s not just a skill, it’s a commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and creating that sense of belonging we all need. I strive to be the kind of community leader who’s relatable, someone who understands your concerns because they’re my concerns too. Together, we can work to make Cairns a better place for every family, every business, and every resident.


‘Activate’ goes far beyond mere action, it’s about sparking the potential within our community, uncovering the talents and capabilities of our residents to nurture a vibrant and thriving community. As someone who believes in both being relatable and active, I’m not just a leader in title but a leader in action, inspiring others to join in and unlocking the latent energy and abilities of our community members. Together, we can set in motion the changes and enhancements that Cairns truly deserves, crafting a city that’s lively, prosperous, and open to everyone. I’m here to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, engaging actively and making a tangible impact by tapping into the undiscovered potential of our community members, fostering a more engaged and flourishing community.


‘Renew’ holds a special significance for me personally, as this period of renewal coincides with my children completing high school, and me embarking on this new chapter in my life. It’s a time of fresh beginnings and new perspectives, and I see this as an opportunity to infuse our community with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. My commitment to inclusive leadership is grounded in building genuine relationships with our community members. It’s a refreshing approach, where we work together to inspire change from the ground up. By being relatable and active, we can create a contagious momentum that encourages everyone to take part in this renewal movement and build a community that flourishes and continues to renew itself year after year. Let’s create a Cairns that’s more engaging, vibrant, and connected than ever before.

Here to listen

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