Hi, I’m Ian

I am a dedicated and community-oriented individual with a rich background in education and public service. I was born in Gordonvale and raised in Little Mulgrave and I consider myself a true local. My extensive career in education, starting from my time as a student to becoming a teacher, principal, and staff development leader, reflects my commitment to the community’s well-being and growth.

My diverse experiences and leadership roles, which include managing the Cairns Show Association, being a business owner, and serving as a carer, have further honed my ability to connect with people and address their needs. I place a strong emphasis on being approachable, goal-oriented, and a team player, setting me apart as a dedicated public servant. My aspiration is to make people feel valued and appreciated.

A successful term for me would involve seeing a reduction in council debt, better infrastructure planning, and being an effective team member in the council’s initiatives to improve the community and its environment.

My Priorities for


It’s time for change

Grow the Botanic Garden precinct & re-vegetation of Green Arrow headland

Improve communications with businesses & residents 

Support Suburban Safety Program

Deliver missing footpath connections

Regular community engagement and a commitment to transparency

Words I live by

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated


Values-driven leadership is at the core of my approach. I’ve always been a person of strong ethical and moral values, embodying old-fashioned principles that emphasise integrity, respect, and responsibility. These values guide my commitment to making our community better, ensuring that everyone’s concerns are heard, and fostering a sense of belonging and well-being. As a country boy at heart, I’ve learned that true value lies in being a good neighbour, a loyal friend, and a responsible steward of our city.


Connecting means more than just bridges and roads (while these are important too); it’s about creating strong, genuine bonds within our community. I’ve learned that it’s vital to connect with folks on a personal level, to listen to their concerns, and to work together as a team. It’s these connections that shape our community’s well-being and enable us to tackle challenges, while also bridging our city’s past with the future by passing on local knowledge and networks. Embracing the wisdom of the past helps us chart a better course for the days ahead.


The opportunity to transform, especially through the renewal of council and civic leadership, goes beyond mere change; it offers a chance for generational change to reshape our community for the better. This prospect excites me and has me all fired up! Over the years, I’ve come to understand that this transformation involves investing in education, meaningful infrastructure, relationships and sustainable growth, being open to new possibilities, and building upon our foundation to ignite a brighter, more inspiring future for our city. It’s all about redefining our city’s success and possibilities. I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Here to listen

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