Hi, I’m Emma

I’m proud to be stepping into the political arena as part of Team Eden, running for Division 5. Over the past decade, I’ve built and managed my business, Blended Hair, and through my entrepreneurial nature, I’ve been fortunate to receive several prestigious awards. These include the Cairns Business Women’s Club Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017, and the Institute of Managers and Leaders Emerging Leader award. Being recognised in this way has given me the drive to do more in my community and enabled me to build on my successes by extending them beyond my business achievements.

Some of my community outreach projects include providing haircuts for the homeless and getting involved in important youth initiatives like Project Booyah. These efforts reflect my commitment to driving positive change in the community. I believe my age coupled with my forward-thinking approach, enables me to connect with and understand the needs and aspirations of the younger community members, whilst working with the knowledge and experience of those who have built success over numerous decades.

Supported by Cr. Eden, my aim is to be part of a transparent council dedicated to the betterment of Cairns. I aspire to provide a strong, resilient, and community-focused voice for our collective future so we can all thrive not only for the Cairns we enjoy today, but for the future generations.

My Priorities for


It’s time for change

Parking and accessibility

Safer, cleaner and greener

Deliver new CBD Masterplan

Boost CBD residential living

Regular community engagement and a commitment to transparency

Words I live by

Change is inevitable, growth is optional


I like to inject energy into every facet of my life. For me it’s about being open to change, taking bold steps, and really strengthening connections within the community. My mission is to bring fresh vitality into council with the goal of creating a brighter, more vibrant future for Cairns.


Innovate, to me, means being open to new ideas and thinking beyond the traditional boundaries with ‘outside the box’ ideas. It’s about embracing modern technology, exploring fresh solutions, and fostering a culture of creativity within our community. Whether it’s through revamping local programs, introducing innovative approaches, or finding novel ways to connect with our constituents, I am keen to roll up my sleeves and give it a go.


For me, ‘deliver’ is where the rubber hits the road. I’m action-oriented and firmly believe that talk alone isn’t good enough. As a ratepayer, just like you, I’m all about tangible results. It’s about taking innovative ideas and turning them into actions that bring real, positive changes to our community in Cairns.


Here to listen

      A Cairns worth fighting for

      We need your help

      Join the Team Eden Volunteer Army and help us bring new life to Cairns. We're looking for dedicated individuals to support our campaign, engage with the community, and be the change our city needs. Together, we'll inspire, connect, and deliver a better future.