Hi, I’m Amy

My pledge is to reinvigorate the mayoral position with a renewed focus on driving progress, and positively impacting the lives of Cairns residents. I offer a leadership built on relationships, experience, values, and vision.

My vision is centered on liveability, opportunity, and prosperity. I am ready to lead and will continue to be guided by principles rather than poll numbers so I can effect change with the support of the Cairns community.

I’m in this race because we deserve inclusive and transparent leadership that fosters a stronger sense of community. I’m in this race because we cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together, unless we understand that we all bring different histories and stories to the table, and we need to be united by a common hope and vision.

High on my agenda is striking a balance between fulfilling the core responsibilities of the Council and addressing financial imperatives. I am motivated and committed to creating a city that thrives, a city for the people.

My Priorities for


It’s time for change

A council that delivers effective and efficient services for you – we will make it easier for you to interact with Council

Restore community trust by opening Council’s doors for workshops, meetings and deputations

City and Suburban Safety Plans – creating a safer environment and enhance streets and public spaces for everyone

Network of neighbourhood advisory panels across the suburbs

Reduce red tape and lead times for business and development whilst protecting our Cairns character

Support and enable emerging sectors in the local economy

Address parking and accessibility in the City

Regular community engagement and a commitment to transparency

Words I live by

Actions speak louder than words


Integrity stands as the cornerstone of my ethical compass and professional duty. I am committed to honesty, transparency, and accountability. I do not compromise my integrity, even when faced with difficult choices. I strive for consistency between words and actions, prioritising the welfare of the Cairns community, and maintaining my reputation as being an open, consistent, and trustworthy councillor.


Through experience comes understanding. During my term as Division 5 Councillor, I have been a voice for the concerns, aspirations, and needs of the community and will continue to do so as I work towards implementing positive changes and initiatives that enhance the lives of those I represent. Through this experience I understand that inclusivity, creating platforms for dialogue and inciting action to deliver a better Cairns is a shared value of those of us fortunate to call this city our home.


I understand that actions speaks louder than words, and my dedication to making a real difference is why I’m running for Mayor. I am committed to turning great ideas into great initiatives and promises into practical outcomes. Taking a hands-on approach, I will prioritise translating community needs into concrete plans and execute strategies for positive change to make Cairns great again.

Here to listen

      A Cairns worth fighting for

      We need your help

      Join the Team Eden Volunteer Army and help us bring new life to Cairns. We're looking for dedicated individuals to support our campaign, engage with the community, and be the change our city needs. Together, we'll inspire, connect, and deliver a better future.